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Upcoming Events

Find your upcoming tournament.

The 2017 ECNL Fall Event will be held in Phoenix, AZ November 10th-12th, 2017. StreamSports will be offering its filming services to capture your games in High Definition.
**Limited spaces available. Please call 407.965.0245 or email for all bookings. **
1 Game Package - $250
2 Game Package - $475
3 Game Package - $675
Premium Highlight Reel - $315 (Add-on Only)

Premium Highlight Reel (Add On) - 14 Day Delivery $315.00

Premium Highlight Reel (Add On) - 14 Day Delivery

Our experts will view up to 3 of your games (More games may be added at an additional price) and compile your best highlights on a 3-5 minute highlight reel. The reel will then be added to your Player Video Portal for easy access.

  • HD Quality Game Film
  • View, Download and Share Footage
  • Player Development and Recruitment
  • Player Analysis
  • Player Video Portal

StreamSports staff film from Skypods, reaching a height of 18-25-feet, providing the perfect viewing angle for coaches, players and parents. StreamSports will provide a Private Video Portal for each member of the team to view, stream, and download all of your HD Game Film.

Looking to get recruited? StreamSports also provides Student-Athlete Profiles, complete with your very own 3-5 minute Highlight Reel to compliment your athlete’s HD Game Film. StreamSports staff and employees come from soccer backgrounds and all cameramen are trained specifically to film soccer. Perfect for video analysis as well as recruitment. Furthermore, we have consulted college coaches from around the country, and all of the film provided is shot with this mind.